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Hypnagogia (2014)

Tuesday, 22 March 2016, 13:21 | Horror, Movies 2014, Short | 0 Comment | 467 Views
by Eric
Watch Hypnagogia (2014) Movie Online

Hypnagogia (2014) Download Free

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Hypnagogia (2014) Online Free Details:

Director: Lars-Erik Lie
Writers: Lars-Erik Lie (story), Camilla Vestbø Losvik
Stars: Camilla Vestbø Losvik, Kim Ulvberget, Siri Rønning Bråten
Production Co: 3F, Violence Productions
Release Date: 28 March 2014 (Norway)

Hypnagogia (2014) Online Free Plot Summary:

Johnny is a photographer who enjoys rape and murder as well. Nadia comes to see him to do some modeling work, but ends up being raped and killed. Johnny suffers from horrible nightmares and sleep-paralysis, and is being hunted in his dreams by a girl in white. But are the dreams in fact reality? Sleep-paralysis is a terrifying phenomenon where your nightmares seems to come alive in front of you, and they have been reported for thousands of years. Who are those entities that come and visit people in the night, trying to rape them, strangle them and kill them?

Watch Hypnagogia (2014) Online Free Trailer HD

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Watch Hypnagogia (2014) Movie Online Hypnagogia (2014) Download Free
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