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Lasseter’s Bones (2012)

Sunday, 1 May 2016, 12:32 | Biography, Documentary, History, Movies 2012, Mystery | 0 Comment | 626 Views
by Eric
Watch Lasseter’s Bones (2012) Movie Online

Lasseter’s Bones (2012) Download Free

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Lasseter’s Bones (2012) Online Free Details:

Director: Luke Walker
Writer: Luke Walker
Production Co: Scribble Films
Release Date: 27 May 2016 (USA)

Lasseter’s Bones (2012) Online Free Plot Summary:

In 1931 Harold Lasseter’s body was found in Central Australia’s deserts. His diary revealed that he’d found gold, worth millions…but that he’d give it all for a loaf of bread… The gold is still yet to be found. Filmmaker Luke Walker finds Lasseter’s 85 year-old son, still searching the desert, not only for gold, but something far more precious. Now, 80 years since Lasseter set off from Alice Springs to meet his fate, is it possible to piece together the fragments of history he left behind? Armed with a camera and the unshakable belief that he will find gold in Lasseter’s story, Walker sets out to unravel the tangle of myths, lies and legend that lie buried with Lasseter’s bones in the heart of Australia.

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Watch Lasseter’s Bones (2012) Movie Online Lasseter’s Bones (2012) Download Free
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