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Tesla (2016)

Friday, 30 January 2015, 11:10 | Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, Movies 2016, Thriller | 0 Comment | 1586 Views
by Eric
Watch Tesla (2016) Movie Online

Tesla (2016) Download Free

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Tesla (2016) Full Movie Details:

Writer: D. Daniel Vujic (screenplay)
Stars: Rade Serbedzija, Gia Skova, Dan van Husen
Production Co: Hollydan Works, Associated Studios International
Release Date: 10 July 2016 (USA)

Tesla (2016) Full Movie Plot Summary:

A unique factual depiction of Nikola Tesla’s life from his early adulthood to his eventual arrival to America in 1886, examining his relationships and interactions with some of history’s most important and controversial people including Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, Guglielmo Marconi, Albert Einstein, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, J.P. Morgan, Mark Twain, J. Edgar Hoover, and Heinrich Himmler of the Nazi regime. The story reveals the tragic secret that was behind Tesla’s relentless drive to invent the most dangerous device to mankind and many facts and truths not previously known such as Tesla’s romantic life which was thought to be none existent which is not true and reveals many of Tesla inventions that were suppressed from the world for over half a century and only now are widely used. The film goes into overdrive action with the introduction of fictional character “John Watt” from the future in 2013. John is a 21-year-old computer sciences student who by fate comes upon Tesla’s …

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Watch Tesla (2016) Movie Online Tesla (2016) Download Free
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